Development land

Seeking development land opportunities

We’re actively seeking development land in Wiltshire, South Gloucestershire, North and East Somerset and the West of England. We have a team of highly qualified land and planning professionals, with detailed knowledge of the planning process and the Development Plan system.

Princeton specialise in land either with or without planning consent and have considerable expertise in resolving sites with difficult planning problems. We have extensive knowledge of reusing previously developed land including existing houses within large gardens and redundant commercial premises.

Princeton promote and manage each individual project, without the landowner incurring any cost.

We welcome the chance to discuss potential development opportunities with you and can tailor our offer to suit your specific requirements. We work with a wide range of landowners from private individuals to commercial organisations and public authorities.

We remain totally flexible be it a straight-forward purchase, subject to planning arrangement, long term promotion or a joint venture, whichever arrangement suits your circumstances. If you have any land you wish to sell, with or without planning permission, we would be pleased to discuss the development options with you

Please contact the land team

Joint Ventures

Our extensive experience of long-standing relationships with Registered Providers, Local Authorities and Private Land owners have led to many successful joint venture partnerships and the delivery of a number of successful developments.

At Princeton we have entered into joint venture agreements with private landowners and investors, utilising our development expertise to assist them in putting together proposals to maximise their assets. Our forward thinking, open and transparent method of working with our partners often results in added value and improved financial returns for both parties.

We are financially robust for our size and scale and have access to substantial bank funding through long-term arrangements with major financial institutions, making us a safe as well as an imaginative joint venture partner.

If you are a land owner looking for a partner or an investor looking for a healthy return by investing in housing developments. Contact Andy Turner